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How Can Home Care Services Help Seniors with Housekeeping?

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Housekeeping is a vital aspect of daily life, offering both health benefits and the removal of clutter. For older adults, maintaining a clean home goes beyond aesthetics. It reduces the risk of accidents like slipping or falling and contributes to a positive mental state. Despite its importance, seniors often find housekeeping tasks strenuous. This is where home care services play a crucial role.

Caregivers are equipped to maintain a senior’s home year-round, ensuring cleanliness and comfort.

Now comes the question, how?

Essential Duties of a Home Care Service Provider During Housekeeping

Every professional home care service should offer the following services during housekeeping, particularly for seniors. A caregiver should always  take note of the senior’s medical history, including conditions like asthma, allergies, dementia, or other health concerns prior to performing these tasks.

Light Housekeeping

This is the focal point of the task at hand, encompassing the core of every housekeeping procedure. During light housekeeping, home care service providers will dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum the house. This process meticulously addresses walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, electronics, and more. All corners and surfaces are thoroughly attended to, ensuring comprehensive cleanliness.


In addition to house cleaning, home care services also encompass managing both dirty and clean laundry. This includes washing clothes, ironing, folding, and organizing the wardrobe. Seniors or clients can communicate specific instructions regarding clothing care to the service provider in advance, ensuring their preferences are met.

Changing Beds and Linen

Another essential task provided by home care services is bedroom maintenance. This includes replacing and washing old linen sheets and attending to other areas such as curtains, toilets, and bathrooms.


Speaking of toilets and bathrooms, these areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to eliminate germs and bacteria. Every aspect, including the bathroom closet, sink, bathtub, drain, walls, windows, floors, and dustbin, will receive meticulous attention.

Kitchen and taking out the Trash

While many people may not be aware, home care services also encompass the kitchen and all its related tasks. Professionals can assist with meal preparation, washing dirty dishes, organizing the kitchen, and managing trash disposal.

Pet Care

If a client has adorable kittens or a friendly parrot, home care services can also provide assistance. Trained in pet care, you can trust that the household pets will receive proper attention and care.

Additional Tasks Offered by Home Care Service Providers

In addition to the tasks mentioned above, some service providers go the extra mile to offer exclusive services to older adults, to promote even better mental health and peace of mind. Some additional benefits include:

  1. Personal shopping for groceries, supplies, and more.
  2. Errand Running
  3. Table setting and clearing
  4. Assistance with dressing, bathing or toileting
  5. Companionship.Home care professionals engage in meaningful conversations with seniors to foster friendship and alleviate loneliness.

Some FAQs on Home Care Services

Now that you’re familiar with the fundamentals of home care service housekeeping, let’s explore some frequently asked questions on the topic:

1. Is Home Care Service Available 24/7?

Yes and no. Some service providers offer 24-hour home care options, while others may provide contracts for specific durations such as days, weeks, months, or even a year. Some companies tailor their packages to the client’s needs, offering services for just a few hours.

Regardless, it’s recommended to research and inquire about the available packages to find the best option that suits your needs.

2. Can Home Care Be Provided in My Home?

Absolutely. You don’t always need to leave the house for the home care service provider to fulfill their duties. In fact, there are cases where the client (or you) needs to be at home for the service to be completed. For example, companionship services require both the client and the service provider to be at home.

3. How Much Do Home Care Services Cost?

There is no fixed price range for home care services, as they vary based on several factors. However, the cost of the service is influenced by factors such as the type of package, duration of service, type of care provided, and level of care needed.

4. Does Home Care Only Offer Housekeeping Services for Seniors?

While housekeeping services are available for seniors, they are not exclusive to this demographic. Housekeeping services are also available for working-class adults and other groups. It’s important to research thoroughly to find a company that offers the specific type of service you need.

5. What’s the Difference Between Light Housekeeping and Deep House Cleaning?

Both light housekeeping and deep house cleaning are types of home care services, but they vary in terms of tasks, duration, depth, and more. Below is a visual representation of the differences:

Light Housekeeping Deep House Cleaning
DefinitionThis service involves regular upkeep to maintain cleanliness and tidiness in the home and its surroundings, focusing on maintaining a clean environment.This service entails a thorough and comprehensive cleaning aimed at eliminating germs and bacteria, resulting in a healthier environment.
Frequency EverydayUsually done once or twice a month.
Duration A few minutes to an hour, depending on the scope of the space.An hour to a full day.
Cleaning Depth Focuses only on the exposed areas.Includes moving things around to reach hidden places and corners.
Tasks Included Sweeping, mopping, dusting surfaces, vacuuming, making of the bed, etc.Washing of the curtains, blinds, and windows; scrubbing the floors and walls, disinfecting, focus-cleaning for appliances, etc.