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Skilled nursing

Royal Care Certified nurses deliver comprehensive support, ensuring your needs are met with licensed expertise, tailored care, and readiness for any situation, all in the comfort of your own home.

Our private duty nurses are certified to perform the following advanced medical tasks:

  • Post-hospitalization follow-up and monitoring
  • Nursing monitoring when health is unstable
  • Supervision and guidance of home health aide
  • Disease management, medication teaching, supervision & preparation

Respiratory program

Providing personalized treatments and comprehensive educational resources tailored for individuals experiencing respiratory issues, including post-COVID-19 effects

Personalized Treatment Plans

Customized care plans tailored to individual needs and health conditions.

Education and Consultations

Guidance and advice on managing respiratory symptoms, including proper medication use and breathing techniques.

Online Monitoring

Continuous tracking of health status through our convenient online platform.

Crisis Intervention & Protection

Access to specialized respiratory therapy specialists for professional assistance and advice.


Wound care

Going home with a healing wound following a surgery or accident can be scary. Your wound recovery may look different from someone else’s, and that’s normal. Our team ensures that you get the care, tools, and resources you need.
Your wound care nurse will make sure you are able to:

  • Change your own or your loved one’s wound dressings
  • Monitor your healing
  • Manage your pain
  • Recognize complications you should tell your doctor about

Having this knowledge gives you more control over your healing process. Our wound nurses can give you and your loved ones the tools and resources to care for a wound when your wound care nurse can’t be there.


Rehabilitation therapy

Therapists at Royal Care are committed to helping your loved ones achieve their goals, whether it's improving mobility without assistance or enhancing speech skills. We offer various therapy options to assist your loved ones in returning to normal life.

  • Everyday Safety & Adaptation

    Assess home safety, ensure post-surgery compliance, advise on energy-saving, aid in transitions, teach navigation, and screen for fall risks.

  • Mobility & Physical Conditioning

    Guide on cane or walker usage, develop exercise programs for strength, balance, and coordination.

  • Caregiver Education & Support

    Gain essential skills and support to confidently care for your loved one. Access practical guidance, resources, and emotional support tailored to your caregiving journey.

Physical Therapy

Social workers

Our social worker service provides comprehensive support, including counseling on everyday life and illness-related difficulties, identification of hindering factors, treatment counseling, crisis intervention, and assistance with referrals and entitlement services.

Crisis Intervention & Protection

Offers counseling and assistance during crises like suspected abuse or self-endangerment, with collaboration with protective agencies for safety.

Psychosocial Support

Includes counseling on illness-related challenges and coping strategies, as well as guidance on mental health treatment and identification of hindering factors.

Coordination & Transition Assistance

Aids in discharge processes and referrals for long-term care, along with assistance in accessing entitlement services.


Pediatrics care

Royal Care supports families with children having special needs. Our dedicated team of HHAs and certified aides is experienced in pediatric care, ensuring tailored assistance for your child's unique challenges.

nurseand patient

Speech therapy

Communication for a range of disorders, such as articulation and language interventions, enhance.

nurseand patient

Physical Therapy

Our experienced team helps patients recover from injuries, surgeries, and disabilities with personalized treatment plans.

nurseand patient

Occupational therapy

Crucial for children's recovery from injuries and managing chronic illnesses, greatly improving their health.

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