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5 Benefits Of Companion Care

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There are many things that nobody tells you about getting older. Aside from a decline in health and the visible signs of aging, getting older can be lonely and, at times, unsafe.

Elderly individuals who live by themselves often lack the mental, physical, and emotional support they need in their day to day lives. They don’t always have the energy or strength needed to take care of themselves. They can become depressed, sad, or anxious in isolation; and without ongoing stimulation, their mental dexterity could decline along with their physical health.

Senior home care is helping to combat this by providing in-home senior care via home health aides! But aside from the obvious duties, companion care can also provide the following five benefits:


As much as we love to be there for our family, it’s not always feasible. Whether it’s that we live far away or have busy schedules, caregivers ensure our loved ones always have a person to talk to, play games with, or simply enjoy being around!


Running errands, cooking, and cleaning can become more difficult as seniors age. Home caregivers can help with these responsibilities to make daily life easier for our loved ones.


If your aging family member can no longer drive, a home health aide can ensure they get to appointments, the grocery store, or social activities. This is especially helpful if public transportation isn’t an option.


The mood-boosting effects of having a companion, having reliable transportation to doctor’s visitors, and getting help with daily tasks provide an overall improvement to the quality of life and general health for seniors. Plus, if family members don’t live close by, caregivers can notify you of changes in their condition and ensure they get immediate attention if issues arise.


If you’ve been caring for an aging parent or relative, companion care can give you respite without sacrificing peace of mind. You need time to rest and take care of yourself, and handing over some of the responsibility can prevent you from neglecting your own health.

Do you have a loved one that could benefit from companion care? Emerest Health is committed to providing uncompromised home care and specialized health care services with a focus on compassion, individualized care and a high quality of life. Reach out today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.