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Connecticut Adult Family Living (AFL). Choose Your Own Caregiver

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Most seniors who live at home rely on someone they trust to assist with daily activities and needs. Although these family caregivers are often more than happy to help their loved ones for free, full-time care requires a significant commitment. As a result, many people decrease their work hours or even quit their jobs to be there for a family member, and ultimately, find themselves struggling financially. Caring for an elderly loved one doesn’t have to be a financial burden. At Emerest Home Care of Connecticut, we offer our Adult Family Living (AFL) program designed to help friend and family caregivers get paid for their services – all free of charge for Medicaid recipients.

What is Adult Family Living (AFL)?

Although they may need help to complete daily tasks, many seniors prefer to live at home rather than to relocate to an assisted living facility or nursing home. While traditional forms of home care can be unreliable due to scheduling conflicts, the AFL program ensures that the senior won’t be left without care.

Our Adult Family Living program was created for elderly individuals (65 or older) in Connecticut who want to receive in-home care from someone they trust without putting a strain on their income. With AFL, seniors can enjoy more consistency and have the same loved one care for them every day.

The Adult Family Living program enables family members and trusted friends to act as a senior’s primary caregiver and get paid to care for them in their own homes. Aside from competitive compensation, we provide caregivers with free social services, extensive training, and the support caregivers need to continue giving their loved one the best possible care.

Benefits of Adult Family Living

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger in their home, especially for caregiver services. Our goal is to support seniors and their families to find the best solution to suit their needs. One of the major highlights of the AFL program is that all seniors receive personalized care, supervision, and assistance with their day-to-day activities from someone they already know and trust. In addition, AFL care recipients choose their own caregivers, so loved ones can be paid for work they would likely already be doing for free.

Caregivers in the AFL program enjoy the highest pay rates in Connecticut, up to $12 per hour! Our care professionals also receive excellent mental health benefits, including respite hours and the option to speak with an Emerest social worker.

Who is Eligible for AFL?

There are only three simple requirements to be eligible for the AFL program. The client must be:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Reside with chosen caregiver in Connecticut
  • Currently receiving benefits under Title 19 (Medicaid)

Who Can be Chosen as a Caregiver?

As we discussed, the beauty of the Adult Family Living program is that the client can choose anyone to be their caregiver. However, there are exceptions to this rule. First, the person in need of care must live in the same house as their chosen caregiver. Therefore, if they do not currently live with their loved one, they will need to be moved in by the time they apply for the AFL program. Second, caregivers cannot be legally liable relatives, such as a legal spouse or power of attorney. A wife, for example, cannot be paid to take care of her husband.

How does the Caregiver Get Paid?

All Emerest Adult Family Living caregivers receive weekly tax-free payments. Before beginning the care arrangement, we’ll send one of our team members to the senior’s home for an initial assessment. This visit helps us better understand exactly what the person needs assistance with, including any specialized medical care, such as care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We pay our caregivers based on the level of care that is determined by the initial assessment.

Joining Emerest Adult Family Living

If you are currently being cared for by a loved one, contact us today to learn more about how your caregiver can get paid through the Adult Family Living (AFL) program. After the initial assessment is complete, your caregiver will be trained and receive ongoing 24/7 support from our Emerest professional team. We also schedule weekly follow-ups and bi-monthly nursing visits throughout the program to ensure your caregiver has the tools they need to provide you with the best possible care.

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