BlogShowing gratitude for loved ones over the holidays

Showing gratitude for loved ones over the holidays

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Fall ushers in a sense of calm and tranquility, setting the perfect tone for moments of reflection, family togetherness, and heartfelt gratitude. Despite the challenges this year may have presented, we all still have a great deal to be thankful for. In addition to our health, family, and friends, Thanksgiving is also an excellent time to recognize and express appreciation for our caregivers and seniors.

A strong caregiver-client relationship is one built upon care, compassion, mutual respect, and trust. Having such a meaningful and fulfilling relationship is certainly something to be grateful for, especially over the holidays.

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways, from verbal affirmations to subtle deeds. Regardless of the approach, consider ways to show all of your loved ones how much you appreciate them this holiday season.

Gratitude Toward Caregivers

  • Caregivers are some of the most selfless, compassionate people you will ever meet. Beyond vocation, they perform the essential duties of meeting the daily needs of their clients in a way that’s fulfilling and evokes personal satisfaction. Here are some ideas of things you can do to show your home health aide you appreciate them:
  • Bake a treat. Nothing says “thank you” like tasty, sweet treats! Many stores sell scratch-made treats, or you can make them yourself and package them in inexpensive, disposable containers. If you’d prefer more personal packaging, tie bags or boxes off with ribbon and tuck small bundles of dried herbs, flowers, or ornaments beneath the ribbon to create an adorable gift that is sure to convey the depth of your appreciation.
  • Prepare a meal. Caregivers spend much of their time taking care of others, so providing them with a meal will go a long way. Whether it’s a homemade casserole, three-course dinner, or even one purchased from a restaurant, any method will ensure that cooking is one less thing your caregiver has to do.
  • Offer to help with chores. The bustling schedule of a caregiver is often underestimated. In addition to the hours spent caring for their client, caregivers also have personal responsibilities that are equally as time-consuming. With that in mind, an offer to help with any chores would likely be something your caregiver will eagerly take you up on and appreciate. Just be mindful of any physical limitations you have and only assist with tasks that you can perform safely. For example, dusting, wiping countertops, laundry, and watering plants are chores that most seniors can safely carry out.
  • Play a game. Games have a way of helping us relax and simply have fun, something that your caregiver probably hasn’t done for quite a while. Try breaking out some playing cards, board games, or even puzzles and joining them in a friendly game.

Gratitude Toward Clients

The daily care a caregiver gives to their client is undoubtedly something to be thankful for. However, it is important for caregivers also to remind their clients that they are grateful for them.

Seniors can often feel like they are burdens, leading to an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame. To help mitigate these feelings and help invoke feelings of positivity, choose ways to show them that they are cared for and appreciated. These are some impactful yet simple things you can do to express gratitude:

  • Make a card. Before email and text messages, a handwritten note or card was the most popular form of written communication. Your senior clients probably have memories of sending or receiving cards which can elicit feelings of bliss. Simply purchase a card and write a note inside it or grab a few craft supplies and create your very own card to give your client.
  • Plan a Fall activity. With the weather being cool and comfortable, Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities. For example, your client may appreciate an outdoor picnic, a stroll or drive to view the trees changing color, seasonal crafts, or a visit to a Christmas tree farm.
  • Spend time together. Another magnificent way to show your client they are a special person in your life is to spend time with them outside of your daily routine. Perhaps, schedule a special outing to get to know your client more personally. Inquiring about their family, past, and things they’re most looking forward to are great conversation starters and will likely lead to lots of joy and laughter.

“Always have an attitude of gratitude!”

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